Faurby 460 fast cruising
Faurby 400 interior
Faurby 460 fast cruising
Faurby craftsmanship

Faurby Yacht - “Anything is possible”

A Faurby yacht will have custom-made, hand-built interior, crafted just for you. At Faurby we believe “Anything is possible”.

You are not the same as anybody else, so why not choose a yacht that is as individual as you are? Every sailboat we create is unique and bespoke to her owner.

Where you cruise, how you sail, who you sail with, will all shape the best interior design for you; we can make your dream yacht a reality. Our Danish craftsmen will hand-build your performance cruising yacht’s interior to your specifications. Whether it’s crafted from mahogany, teak, oak or another wood of your choice, you can choose the layout, finish, styling and materials.

Faurby designs sail like no other cruising yachts, we focus on fast, safe and practical hull forms; we use sleek hulls because they give a better all-around performance and better handling characteristics. This makes your sailing more comfortable, more enjoyable and of course faster, too.

We have been helping our customers for more than 40 years and we’d like to help you get the boat you want. As long as it’s safe, we will make the boat of your dreams.

Anything is possible.


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a Faurby Yacht cruising in light wind

We don’t compromise our hull design. Our boats are built to sail well, sail fast and sail comfortably. Independent test reports have proved our yachts can sail in light winds and point higher than 25° off the apparent wind. In a Faurby you’ll be able to spend more time actually sailing. Isn’t that want you would like from a sailing yacht?

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a Faurby Yacht cruising

We are clear in our philosophy: we want you to have the best boat for you and not what’s best for anyone else. Within the hull, we give you unlimited, hand-crafted choice. Whether you bring us 12 pages of details or just a few parameters that your new boat must fulfil, we’ll work with you to make your dream yacht a reality.

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Faurby craftsman doing precision measurement

At Faurby we don’t make our yachts the easy way, we make them the right way and we pay attention to every detail on board. Each yacht’s interior is handmade – every piece of wood is cut by a person, not a computer. If you want a berth 15cm (6 in) longer, we can do that. Need more headroom?

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Faurby craftsmanship

We can lower the floor and increase the height of the topsides in the mould, just for you. Because our master craftsmen are not bound by the easiest or most cost-effective way of building boats, we can offer you a unique sailing boat.